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Last update: June 18, 2013


LibPaxos is a collection of open source implementations of the Paxos algorithmm. Paxos is often used to implement Atomic Broadcast, a useful primitive for building fault-tolerant distributed systems.

At the moment the project consists of:
libPaxos3 The latest version of libpaxos.
RingPaxos A high-throughput implementation based on IP-Multicast. Ring-Paxos can deliver up to 800Mbps per-receiver when running in a Gigabit network.
libPaxos2 An improved version of libpaxos, includes leader election and various protocol optimizations.
libPaxos Consists of a static library to be linked by C/C++ applications. Provides atomic broadcast trough a simple submit/deliver interface.
libFastPaxos An implemenation of the Fast Paxos algorithm.
ErlangPaxos A Paxos protocol simulator written in Erlang, useful to observe the runtime behavior of the network and play around with some parameters.

Source code is available in the Downloads section of LibPaxos homepage on and via SVN

Suggestions, comments, and questions are welcome via mailing list.

LibPaxos is currently maintained by Marco Primi and Daniele Sciascia, Faculty of Informatics, University of Lugano.

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